Online Event Promotion, Registration and Payment for Bowling Clubs, Associations and Organisations


Add your event details and entry form, allow bowlers to register and pay online or at the tournament and share on social media.

Any Bowling Club, Association or Organisation may use the service and Free or Paid Plans are available.  

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How to add Any Type of Post in the BowlsChat Community


Members are rewarded for logged in activity in the Community Area with Points that may be exchanged for extra discount in the Store at anytime during the year in blocks of 1000 or 2000 points.

There are many different ways to earn points when logged in, including reading items, sharing items, reaching goals and more as well as creating new items from the toolbar in the Community Area:

New Audio
New Conversation
New Event
New Friends
New Group
New Page
New Photos
New Video
New Poll
New Post

All the forms for each type of post are shown below and easy to complete from any device (Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop).

The forms for Events, Groups and Pages are designed for Bowling Clubs, Associations and Organisations and any number of new sections and/or features may be added upon request to suit individual requirements.

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BowlsChat Forum


The BowlsChat Forum is where members can discuss and interact on any topic, post questions to the BowlsChat Team and suggest new features or improvements to provide a better experience for visitors and everyone involved in the BowlsChat Community.

New categories will be added as required and the forum will evolve in line with the content posted to make access and viewing as simple as possible.

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Discount Coupons for the BowlsChat Store


Members may use Global Coupons or exchange Community Points for coupons to obtain discounts on BowlsChat Products in the Store, with or without volume discounts.

Coupons are entered in the BowlsChat Store Cart and it is always visible from any product or on the sidebar of any page or below the store.

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Groups, Events and Pages

Groups, Events and Pages

The BowlsChat Community Area was updated in November and now includes Pages as well as Groups and Events among the many features that make it one of the most advanced communities available online and tailored for bowlers around the world.

Anything posted in the community can automatically reach your Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlet and be shared anywhere, with one major difference - the primary audience of the BowlsChat Community is bowlers around the world, not just anyone who follows your local Facebook or Twitter Page.

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