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The Community area has been updated to a complete social media environment with all sections (including Events, Pages and Groups) tailored for Bowlers, Bowling Clubs, Associations and Organisations. All content may be viewed on any device, including mobile and shared to any external media.

We share content to a number of external platforms and you can follow BowlsChat to keep up to date with all the latest bowling news on our Social Media feeds:

We have removed Google+ as all G+ accounts are being closed by Google on 2nd April 2019.

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Newsflash Updates in the Twitter List Collection on BowlsChat

Twitter Lists for Bowling Associations, Clubs, Services and Bowlers

All the latest news from our collection of Twitter Lists (see below) can be viewed here, with new Twitter Accounts added to lists every day.

You may click on 'View on Twitter' below the content of each list to access all lists and list members on the BowlsChat Twitter Account and follow a list if logged into Twitter (you do not need to be logged in to view a list).

The embed option is also available below each list to place it on your blog or website.

We will add new lists (for example by county and/or indoor/outdoor/shortmat) when there are enough Twitter Accounts in the main list to justify a sub-group*.

If the majority of content in a Twitter Account on any list is not about bowling, it will be moved to the 'Other Sports' list if content is about sport or removed. Please let us know if the content of any list is not about bowling and we will correct it.

If you would like a Twitter account added to any list, please let us know in the Twitter List Chat Channel of the BowlsChat Network or the Requests Section of the Forum or by email to [email protected]

*Note - We respect privacy and individual Bowler Twitter Accounts will only be included in the Bowlers/International Bowlers/Coaches/Umpires Lists where the content is about bowls, not personal and Protected Twitter Accounts that we follow are never included. Any personal Twitter Account will be removed from the lists if the mix of content changes to become more personal and/or a request to do so is received.

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Add Social Media to a League, Competition or Event on BowlsChat


All areas of the Sports Management Package allow content to be shared on external social media as well as the BowlsChat Community (a full social media platform tailored for exclusive use by bowlers) and the Team Chat App on the BowlsChat Network.

The initial tournament information may be added to the Community Events Menu with any type of update posted to the event and shared on the community stream and/or anywhere online.

Facebook and Twitter posts may also be embedded in the Live Match Tab by anyone with authorised access.

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New Features, New Direction - Looking Ahead To 2019


​A large number of Bowling Clubs (between 25% and 40% in many Associations) do not have a website or presence on social media and we will provide a platform to allow any club to connect with existing and possible future members in 2019.

All core services on the website as well as the Sport app will receive a major upgrade over the next 3 - 6 months and the Chat app will be replaced by two new integrated Chat and Connect apps with easy access for Teams, Clubs and Associations.

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Automatic Feed for All Twitter Lists

Automatic Feed for All Twitter Lists

​We promised a month ago in the Twitter Lists with BowlsChat post to add all our Twitter Lists as an automatic feed on the website and they are now available in the Social Menu area.

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