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United Kingdom

Established in 1796, Taylor Bowls are the oldest and most experienced bowls manufacturer in the world. An internationally successful company, they remain a Scottish family owned business taking great pride developing and selecting the best products and ideas - incorporating style and comfort leaving you to concentrate on your game.

Taylor Bowls rely on a simple philosophy of Service and Innovation with service a priority in every aspect of the business including customer contact and innovation keeping the brand at the forefront of bowls technology in product design, quality and consistency for bowls as well as clothes, bags, shoes and other accessories.

Taylor Bowls are the most advanced bowls in the world due to recent investment in production equipment and advancing technology that create extremely accurately designed running surfaces that are unique to the brand and no other manufacturer can match. These offer consistent exacting lines when playing a draw shot or a controlled weighted shot.

A wide range of products are available including Accessories, Bags, Clothing, Footwear, Waterproofs and Bowls for all types of Indoor and Outdoor games.

There are 7 types of Lawn Bowls:

Taylor Ace (Black and Colour)

A slightly wider drawing arc than the Vector VS with no hook at the finish making it a forgiving model. It’s a dual purpose bowl ideal for any rink position, indoors and out. Features ‘Progrip’ as standard, ‘Plain’ available to order.

Taylor Blaze (Black and Colour)

Designed with a slender diameter for a more comfortable fit in your hand. The deep dimple Premier grip ensures a confident grasp allowing you to deliver every shot accurately. (‘Plain’ available to order).

The draw is between the Vector VS and the Ace with a nice sweep at the end. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Taylor Vector-VS (Colour)

The Vector-VS is perfect for fast surfaces and indoor greens, having a lenient, gentle draw to the jack with no hook at the end, making it ideal for front end bowlers. Features Progrip as standard, plain available to order.

Taylor International (Colour)

The Taylor International has been updated with a contemporary new look along with the trusted progrip as standard, whilst still retaining its original bias. The International has a slightly bigger draw than the Ace and is ideal for outdoor greens and medium paced indoor surfaces.

Taylor Lazer (Black)

A Slim profile bowl with a precision narrow bias. Designed for Indoor and fast outdoor conditions , it feature the Progrip as standard.

Taylor Legacy SL (Black)

This narrower profile bowl is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, with its medium bias and a controlled swing to the jack. Progrip as standard available in Heavy only.

Taylor Lignoid (Black and 'Made to Order' Colour)

Predominantly for outdoor grass surface or short mat play, This bowl has a wider draw.

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