BowlsChat Scramble - Outdoor, Indoor and Short Mat Tournaments for the 2019/20 Season


The BowlsChat Scramble is a series of Outdoor, Indoor and Short Mat Events with Prizes and Ranking Points for each Tournament in an event as well as Prizes and Qualification Places in the Outdoor, Indoor, Short Mat and Overall Ranking Lists.

Free, Special and Associate Events will also be included in the Scramble for the benefit of bowlers and the sport.

The first Season runs from 1st October 2019 to 30th September 2020.

All tournaments are open to anyone who pays the entry fee and agrees to abide by the rules with any combination of entry allowed (All Male, All Female or Mixed) and players in the same team may be from one or more clubs.


There are 3 Events with multiple tournaments:

Outdoor Scramble
Indoor Scramble
Short Mat Scramble

All events may include one or more of the following types of tournament - Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours, Top 5, Top 10.

The number of tournaments for each type will depend on the level of entries and schedule for the season.

All tournaments except for Grand Finals will have a round robin Group Stage followed by a Knockout Stage (Cup and Plate) at their venue with optional Qualifying Stages played at any Outdoor, Indoor or Short Mat bowling club.

A Live Stream of part or all of each event, including the Grand Finals, will be available.

Grand Finals

The free Grand Finals are extra 'Winner Take All' tournaments in each event and will all be a straight 32 entry Knockout Tournament. There is no Plate Knockout in the Grand Finals.

The Grand Finals take place towards the end of each Outdoor, Indoor or Short Mat event (March for Indoor/Short Mat and September for Outdoor).

There must be two or more tournaments of one type in an event for an extra free Grand Final of that type to be available.

The Winner and Runner Up in each type of tournament will take part in their Grand Final with the remaining entrants coming from the top players in the relevant Ranking Table who have not already qualified.

The Grand Final Prize Pools for each type of tournament are 5% of all Entry Fees for that type of tournament in an Indoor, Outdoor or Short Mat Event.


There are prizes for the following places in each tournament:

Winner and Runner Up in each tournament
Losing Semi Finalists and Quarter Finalists in each tournament (depends on entries, see table below)
Winner of the Plate in each tournament (except a Grand Final)
Winner of any Grand Final
Top 3 Places in all Ranking Tables
The Short Mat Winners also receive an entry voucher for any SMPT event

The value of Prizes will depend on the level of entries and additional sponsorship received for the Prize Pool.

The table guide below shows the prizes available (excluding any additional sponsorship) for 8/16/32/64/128 entries in all types of tournaments:


TE = Free Tournament Entry
Prizes other than Singles are for each Pair, Triple, Rink, Top 5, Top 10, not each player

Ranking Tables and Prize Pools

There are Ranking Points Tables in 3 Levels - Overall, Event and Tournament Type with Prize Pools split 50/30/20 for the top 3 places in each table:

The Overall Ranking Points Prize Pool is 1% of all entry fees in the BowlsChat Scramble during the 2019/20 season
The Event Ranking Points Prize Pools are 1% of all entry fees in the Outdoor, Indoor or Short Mat Events
The Tournament Ranking Table Prize Pools are 5% of all Entry Fees for that type of tournament in the Indoor, Outdoor or Short Mat Events

Ranking Points

All players receive Ranking Points depending on where they finish in each tournament during the season and total entries for a Tournament are split between Cup and Plate before Ranking Points are allocated.

Ranking Points in the Overall Table are a total of the average Ranking Points per player in each Event Ranking Table (Total Points divided by the total number of tournaments in the event).

First 32 Promotion

All players in the first 32 entries of a Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours, Top 5 or Top 10 tournament (except a Grand Final) will receive a 25% discount on their next entry to any tournament.

If it is the first time a player has entered the 2019/20 Scramble, the discount on the next entry for that player will be increased to 50%.

Draws and Discounts

The following benefits will be available for players:

A free Prize Draw
A New Entrants Prize Draw
Bar and/or Catering Discount
25% Discount on BowlsChat Products during the Scramble Season


All matches will be one or more sets with shots used to decide the winner of each set.

Qualifying Stage – All matches will be a single set of 7 ends
Group Stage – All matches will be 1 set*
Knockout Stage up to Quarter Final – All matches will be 1 set or best of 3 sets*
Semi Final – All matches will be 1 set or best of 3 sets*
Final – All matches will be 1 set or best of 3 or 5 sets*

*The number and/or length of sets in each stage will depend on the type of tournament and event.

Direct Entry

​The standard fee for Direct Entry to any tournament is £12 per player with reduced fees available through the First 32 Promotion, Coupons and the Qualifying Stage, but only one entry per person is allowed in each tournament.

The fee may be paid during online registration or at the venue on or before the day of the tournament (see PayPal and Offline Payment Sections below).

A player choosing Direct Entry does not need to qualify for a tournament.

All players may enter any type of tournament direct using the Online Individual or Group Registration process or the Entry List option below.

Direct entry to a tournament is not available to anyone who has played in an Official Qualifying Section.

Qualifying Stage

The Qualifying Stage is an alternative to Direct Entry, allowing players to enter a tournament for a reduced fee by adding their details to an Entry List Form (see below) and playing extra knockout matches in a Qualifying Section.

A Qualifying Section has a total cost of £12 and up to 12 players are allowed in each section. The cost of entry is £12 divided by the number of players in the section.

All Outdoor, Indoor and Short Mat bowling clubs may run Open or Members Only Qualifying Sections for Scramble tournaments as often as they wish during their season.

A group of bowlers may also decide to run a Members Only Qualifying Section for a Scramble tournament at their own club.

Qualifying Section Format

Once the Entry List for a Qualifying Section has closed, a Knockout Competition draw is made for the number of players in the Qualifying Section and matches of 7 ends are played until there is a winner of the competition, who qualifies for a Scramble Tournament.

All matches are decided by shots and if a match is tied after 7 ends, an Extra End is played to decide the winner (see Scramble Rules for Extra Ends).

Direct entry to a tournament is not available to anyone who has played in an Official Qualifying Section.

Entry List Form

A PDF version of the Entry List Form is available for download from the Scramble Forms menu and may be used (for example on club noticeboards) to collect names and payment for a Qualifying Section or Multiple Player Direct Entry.

The person named at the top of the form will register all the players on a Direct Entry List form into the tournament and the Qualifying Section details for a Qualifying Entry List.

The Entry Form for a Qualifying Section (and winner details when available) must also be emailed to [email protected]


All fees may be paid during online registration or at the venue on or before the day of the tournament (see PayPal and Offline Payment Sections below).

Direct Entry for a tournament is through the Individual Player or Group (Multiple Players) Online Registration process on the website.

A Group Registration allows one person to enter any number of players with one overall fee (the person making the registration does not need to enter a tournament unless they wish to do so).

Qualifying Sections

All Qualifying Sections must be registered in advance to be included as an official part of the tournament and the Event List form with details of all players in the section (as well as the winner when available) must be sent to [email protected] 

A player using the qualifying route may only enter one official qualifying section.

The fee is only to cover the winner, not all players in the section and only the winner will be entered in the tournament.

Waiting Lists

If the maximum number of entries has been reached, any additional entries will be automatically placed on a Waiting List until a vacancy is available (no payment is required to join a Waiting List).


BowlsChat accepts payments via PayPal if you wish to pay during the online registration process.

If you do not have a PayPal account or do not wish to register one during the payment process, you may pay with a debit/credit card at the final PayPal step (there is a PayPal option available for non registered users).

Offline Payment

All Scramble tournaments have an option to pay at the venue on or before the day of the tournament - select Offline Payments during the Online Registration prcoess.


​There are a number of ways to receive coupons for entry into a tournament or discount off an entry fee:

Prizes in an Associate Tournament
Prize Draws in an Associate Event
Special Offers from BowlsChat


Anyone may use the Invite Button in the Details section of a tournament to ask any number of people to take a look at the event and register if they wish to do so - add names, email addresses and a personal message in the text boxes and click submit.


All Scramble Tournaments are eligible for additional sponsorship and any funds received will be added to the prize pool for the benefit of the players.

BowlsChat will also be looking at opportunities for direct sponsorship in the sport in future seasons.

Associate Events

Any external event may send a request to [email protected] to be included as an Associate Event of the Scramble and will have one of more of the following:

Scramble Tournament with Scramble Prizes and Ranking Points
Associate Tournament with Associate Prizes and Scramble Ranking Points
Scramble Coupons in Prizes for any of the Associate Tournaments
Scramble Coupons in Prize Draws for the Associate Event

Special Events

A number of special events will be held during the season to encourage people to play bowls and increase awareness of the sport with full details available on the website and social media. 


​The BowlsChat Scramble provides an opportunity for any bowler to take part in one or more Outdoor, Indoor and/or Short Mat tournaments and compete for a wide range of prizes through direct entry or local qualification for as little as £1.

We will provide full details of all events from September 2019 onwards, stay tuned for the next update!

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