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Code of Conduct

The guide below is a standard for everyone to follow at any tournament in the BowlsChat Scramble:


Always be polite and treat everyone with respect and equal consideration at all times, including spectators, opponents, other players, markers, umpires and organisers
Never use offensive language or gestures at any time
Know and abide by the rules
Be honest, have good etiquette and respect the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship in bowls
Show patience and understanding towards those who may be learning the game
Accept the decisions of the umpires and event organisers without question or complaint
Do not consume excessive amounts of alcohol or attempt to improve individual performance with the use of illegal substances
Always take all reasonable measures to reduce the risk of injury or damage to property, either personal or to others
Aim to play to the best of your ability the whole game, even if the chance of success has passed
Accept victory and defeat with equal humility and avoid excessive emotional displays
Applaud good shots and performances by all players in a match 

Officials and Organisers

Adhere to all relevant parts of the Players Code of Conduct above
Encourage all players to play within the rules and spirit of the game
Be honest, consistent, objective, impartial and courteous when applying the rules of the game and making decisions in any tournament
Help to create and maintain a safe environment where all players, including children and vulnerable adults, have an equal opportunity to participate

Good Etiquette

Show respect for your opponent(s) by being on your allocated mat/rink ready to commence play at the scheduled start time
Always be aware of when the game on your next mat/rink may finish and be ready to play at that time
Introduce yourself and shake hands with your opponent(s) and marker before play begins
Shake hands and thank your opponents and marker at the end of the game
When your opponent is about to deliver their bowl during the game, stand well back from the head, keep quiet and do not move or do anything to distract your opponent - wait until the bowl has been delivered before moving
After delivering a bowl, a player should either move back away from the mat or quickly forwards to the head
If you are at the same end as the player delivering a bowl you must stand back away from the mat and out of the player’s line of vision
Please be aware that any movement near the head could cause the position of bowls to change and put your opponent at a disadvantage, so be careful at all times
Always praise good shots, apologise to your opponent if a fluke goes in your favour and accept it gracefully if against as they are part of the game.
Non-players in and around the playing area who may be in a player’s line of vision should keep still while bowls are being delivered so as not to distract them
Please refrain from using mobile phones on and around the playing area

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions and content of the BowlsChat Scramble Initial Blog Post apply to all tournaments in BowlsChat Scramble Events: 

1. Players who have specific access requirements at any tournament must send an email to [email protected] and receive confirmation the requirements will be available before entering the tournament.
2. Entry into a tournament is only granted to the person whose name appears on the entry form under ‘Player’s Name’ and is not transferable to another person.
3. A player’s entry is only confirmed when a completed entry form accompanied by full payment (cleared funds) has been received by BowlsChat.
4. A player may cancel their entry at any time prior to the draw being made by sending an email to [email protected] and BowlsChat will refund the entry fee paid (less £1.50 to cover PayPal/Admin charges).
5. Any player wishing to cancel their entry after the draw has been made will not be eligible for a refund of their entry fee (less £1.50) unless a person on the waiting list has taken their place and paid the full entry fee.
6. All entrants who will be under the age of 18 years old at the start of the tournament must confirm their date of birth in the comments box on their entry form. Under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times during the tournament.
7. Players are expected to comply with the Tournament Rules and Code of Conduct and any breach may result in a points deduction, disqualification from the tournament, loss of ranking points, prizes or any other penalty that is deemed appropriate by the Tournament Controller and/or BowlsChat.
8. All players in Singles tournaments are responsible for marking up to 3 group games and the knockout game after they are eliminated from the tournament. Players unable to mark are required to find substitute markers to take on their marking duties. All players will be advised by BowlsChat throughout the tournament of the times and locations that they are required to mark. Any player who either fails to fulfil their marking duties or fails to find a substitute marker to fulfil those duties, will relinquish their entitlement to all prize money and ranking points won in that tournament and any refusal to perform marking duties may also jeopardise that player’s entry into future BowlsChat Scramble tournaments.
9. All players in tournaments will be drawn into groups of 4, however BowlsChat cannot be held responsible for player withdrawals for any reason after the draw has been made and any reduction in the number of group games to be played if replacements are not available.
10. All timings for tournaments are approximate and while every care is taken to ensure a tournament runs on schedule, there may be delays due to slow play or other circumstances. Any player who needs to leave a tournament early must withdraw before the start of the quarter final stage of the knockout competition in which they qualified.
11. The Prize Pool available for a tournament is strictly subject to entries and prizes will be paid out in vouchers. BowlsChat reserves the right to increase or decrease the amount of the Prize Pool without notice and all players will be informed of any change at the earliest possible opportunity.
12. Videographers and Photographers from BowlsChat or authorised third parties may be present at a tournament and by entering a tournament and/or attending the venue you give your express consent to all filming and to your actual or simulated likeness being included within any film, photograph, audio and/or audio-visual recording (“Footage”). All rights in such Footage which will be owned by BowlsChat or the relevant authorised third party and you also agree that any such Footage may be used by BowlsChat in any and all media for any purpose at any time throughout the world, including for commercial purposes, such as merchandising or DVDs, without payment or compensation to you.
13. Entry into a BowlsChat Scramble tournament is a privilege, not a right and BowlsChat reserves the right to refuse any player's entry. If an entry is refused, BowlsChat will notify the player at the earliest opportunity (usually within 7 days from receipt of the entry) and a full refund of the entry fee will be processed.
14. BowlsChat reserves the right to cancel a tournament at any time and all players will be informed at the earliest opportunity and receive a full refund of their entry fee. BowlsChat will not be liable for any losses due to an event being cancelled.
15. BowlsChat reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice and the up-to-date version may be viewed at all times in this menu on the BowlsChat website.


BowlsChat Short Mat Scramble Rules
All games will be played under IIBA rules apart from the BowlsChat Short Mat Scramble rules below.
Note - Player/Team refers to Players in Singles Tournaments and Teams of 2 or more players in all other Tournaments.

The Dress Code for players is casual/relaxed* as they should feel comfortable when playing
Photos and video footage will be taken during the tournament (*no jeans please)
Appropriate flat soled bowling footwear must be worn
4 bowls per player in Singles
2 bowls per player in all other tournaments
Players may visit the head at any time

All matches are the best of 1, 3 or 5 Sets
9 ends will be played in a single set match in the Group Stages and KO Stage up to QF
5 ends will be played in the first two sets of a 3 set match and a single end in the final set (KO Stage SF)
3 ends will be played in the first four sets of a 5 set match and a single end in the final set (KO Stage Final)
All sets will be decided by shots in the KO Stage and if scores are tied at the end of a set an extra end will be played
1 Point is awarded to the winner of each set in the KO Stage

Dead Ends
2 dead ends are allowed per Player/Team per match without penalty
The 3rd and any subsequent dead ends will result in 3 shots to the opponent and the end will count except for the last end of a set or match where it will be 3 shots to the opponent and the end will be replayed

Running Shots
Players must raise their arm and speak to notify the marker and those on neighbouring mats when they intend to play a running bowl. This is to ensure everyone’s safety

Conduct and Disputes
Players should follow the IIBA and BowlsChat Code of Conduct at all times
Suspected collusion or other unsporting behaviour may result in immediate expulsion from the competition and may affect acceptance in future BowlsChat events
Any disputes must be raised with the Tournament Controller at the time and in this, as well as all other matters, the decision of the Tournament Controller is final and binding

Scorecards and Measures
Markers in Singles Tournaments are not responsible for completing scorecards
Players/Teams are responsible for keeping their own scorecards and ensuring that both scorecards are the same
Scorecards must be signed by both Players/Teams at the end of a game
Measuring may be done by Players, Markers (Singles), Umpires or any Official authorised by the Tournament Controller

Marking Games
All Players (Singles Tournaments only) will be expected to mark their automatically allocated games in the Group Stages and the game after they are knocked out in the Knockout Stages to ensure the marking duties are shared equally

Group Stages
3 points will be awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw
Group positions will be decided by (in order) Points, Shot Difference and Shots For
If all the above are equal a single end, 2 bowl play-off will determine the final positions in the Group
A Team may nominate a player to take part in the play-off
A Player/Team missing one game in a Group will be allowed to continue in the tournament
A Player/Team missing two or more games in a Group will be withdrawn from the tournament
The result of any game in a Group with a missing Player/Team will be a 9-0 win and 3 points to the opponent
The result of all games (played or to be played) in a Group with a withdrawn Player/Team will be a 9-0 win and 3 points to the opponent

Extra Ends and Final Set (Tie Breaks)
A tied set will be decided by an Extra End
A tied match will be decided by a single end Final Set
In both cases toss to start and the winner of the toss has choice of taking the jack
The closest bowl to the jack wins the Extra End/Final Set
Touchers are not marked and any bowl entering the ditch area will be removed
The closest bowl to the jack wins the Extra End/Final Set
Extra End - No dead ends allowed, a Player/Team causing a dead end will automatically lose the Extra End
Final Set - Each Player/Team are allowed one dead end without penalty and the end will be replayed
Final Set - Each Player/Team causing a 2nd dead end will automatically lose the Set and Match

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