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Active Tournaments

Quick Links to a list of all active and recent tournaments available on the website, BowlsChat Sport App and Team Chat App
Old tournaments removed from app are always available on the website under the relevant Club/Association/Organisation
See Latest Fixtures, Results and Tables of all Tournaments in one place from anywhere on the website

BowlsChat Store

All BowlsChat products are available with our logo/design or your custom request at the same price
Discount Coupons and Special Offers are available

BowlsChat - Bags - Clothing - Hats - Mugs - Phone Cases - Pillows - Seasons - Socks - Wall Art

Bowling Directory for Clubs, Associations and Organisations

The most detailed listing format for Bowling Clubs, Associations and Organisations in the world with live search on every page
Promote your Club or Association by adding Guest or Member Reviews with feature ratings below the Directory listing
Claim your listing to receive membership and other bowling enquiries direct to your Club, Association or Organisation

We aim to provide the most comprehensive Directory of Bowling Information available online
International, National and Local Bowling Associations, Clubs, Organisations and Services
All information publicly sourced and updated by BowlsChat or Claimed Listing Owner

Address Geomapped to location - Audio, Photos, Videos - Connections, Lists - Contacts, Facilities, Key Data
Description - Directions, Fees, Map - Enquiry Service - Live Directory Search - Multiple One Click Searches
News, Social Media, Website Links - Private/Public Favourite Lists - Related Listings
Reviews by Guests and Members - Share on Social Media

Bowling Leagues, Competitions and Events

A complete Sports Management Package for Outdoor, Indoor and Short Mat Bowls Tournaments
Tailored for Local, National and International Clubs, Associations and Organisations
Control of Draws, Fixtures, Results, Teams, Players and more from any device
Integrated with the BowlsChat Sport App and Team Chat App

Automatic Draws and Fixtures - Clubs, Teams, Players, Venues - Easy Front End Administration
Entry Forms - Fixtures, Results, Tables - Live Scorecards - Live Scores - Match Reports - Mobile Apps

Multiple Seasons - Player Registration - Posters, Publicity, Social Media - Prediction/Fantasy Leagues
Roles and Permissions - Team and Player Stats - Tournaments, Seasons and Matchdays

Fundraising Campaigns for Bowlers, Bowling Clubs and Associations

Raise funds for any individual club or any other cause, big or small
All Fundraising Campaigns are free to set up, can be for any amount up to 50K, any length of time up to 120 days, cover any subject (not restricted to bowls) and have the following features

Campaign Image/Video - Description Section with Images/Videos - Advance Scheduling - Start/End Dates
Goal Amount, Time Left and Progress Bar - Multiple Payment Options - Guest/Quick/Manual Donations - Give Backs and Rewards

Anonymous Donors - Donor/Image/Video Gallery - Verified Promoter Details - Responsive Pin Layout - Sort, Filter and Search
Streamlined Checkout - Campaign/Donation/Payout Reports - Community Stream/Profile Integration
Share on Social Media - Donations go direct to Campaign Owner (not through BowlsChat)

Mobile Apps and the BowlsChat Network

BowlsChat Sport app keeps you up to date with Leagues, Competitions and Events
Team Chat App allows communication between players, teams and officials of any Club, Association or Organisation
Membership of the BowlsChat website is NOT required to download and use the BowlsChat Sport or Team Chat apps

BowlsChat Sport App - Auto Updates - Fixtures - Live Scores - Results - Stats - Tables - Team/Player Information

Team Chat App - Access from any device with Email/Password - Audio/Text/Video Chat for Private/Public/1-1/Group
Channels for Scores/Results/Teams/Clubs/Associations/General - Conference/Presentation Calls
Emojis/Stickers/Gifs/Meme - File Sharing any content - Guest/Member Invites

More Features - Reminders/Tasks/Events for Team Selections/Cup Draws/League Tables/Live Scores/Results and more
Star Messages - Use / command to view/share Dropbox/GDrive/Meetups/Trello/Yelp/YouTube and more

Team Chat App is the entry point to the BowlsChat Network
Both apps free to download on App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)

One Bowling Community - So Many Choices

Enjoy multiple features for a complete social experience
Add your Club, Association or any other type of Event
Add your Club, Association or any other type of Page
Public, Private and Invite Only Groups available
All tailored for Bowling Clubs/Associations
Exchange Points for Discount in Store

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Plans, Discount Coupons and Special Offers

Free and Paid plans available
Discount Coupons Included to cover Cost of Plan
Bronze, Silver, Gold and VIP Levels with increasing benefits
Plans for Bowler Ads, Business Ads, Coupons, Membership and Tournaments
Members may view their subscribed plans in the My Plans menu (visible when logged in)

Posters for Bowling Clubs and Members

Download and email to your members
Print and place on your Club Noticeboard

Blog, Forum, Newsletters and Social Media

Write about your club, bowling or any other subject in your own blog
Ask questions and join discussions on any bowling or other topic
Keep up to date with all the latest news and developments
BowlsChat content is available on multiple social outlets

Bowling Information - FAQ, Forms, Handbooks, Links and Strategic Plans

Links to a Library of Bowling Information
Forms for new Bowling Links and Tournaments
FAQ for Website with Q and A Section for Members
Bowling Club and Association Handbooks (Download/Print)
Strategic Plans for National/International Bowling Associations (Download/Print)

Books - Brochures - Channels - Directories - Forms - Handbooks - Magazines - Organisations - Overseas
Posters - Rules - Songs - Stores - Strategic Plans - Tournaments - Videos - Websites

Newsflash Twitter Feeds

A collection of Twitter Feeds from around the world
Automatically updated in in the NewsFlash menu
Easy Access from any device

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Video Collection

All the latest content from popular bowling channels for Oudoor, Indoor, Short Mat and Crown Green Bowls
Videos from Clubs around the world showing bowls played from 1900's to present day
Multiple Series of Coaching Videos from Top Coaches, Past and Present
Over 1200 Videos in the Collection

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