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The Community area has been updated to a complete social media environment with all sections (including Events, Pages and Groups) tailored for Bowlers, Bowling Clubs, Associations and Organisations. All content may be viewed on any device, including mobile and shared to any external media.

We share content to a number of external platforms and you can follow BowlsChat to keep up to date with all the latest bowling news on our Social Media feeds:

We have removed Google+ as all G+ accounts are being closed by Google on 2nd April 2019.

Facebook Lists

Facebook has discontinued the Lists option and is restricting visibility of posts in all existing lists unless there is high activity between accounts on the lists.

It is also not possible to embed Feeds or Lists from other Facebook Pages on a website and you need to be logged into Facebook to see them even though they are Public Lists.

Therefore we have reviewed the relevance of these lists and decided to remove them from the website.

We do 'like' the Facebook Page of any listing in the Directory and all posts can be seen in the BowlsChat Newsfeed on Facebook.


We will build a collection of bowling images, starting in the second quarter of 2019. 


We will post Bowling Sector jobs on our page, including any opportunities within BowlsChat, starting in the second quarter of 2019. 

Pinterest Boards

We will build a collection of Bowling Club/Green images by Region and Association starting in the second quarter of 2019. The images will link back to the Directory Listing for more information about the Club.

Twitter Lists

You can see all the latest content from BowlsChat on Twitter as well as our collection of Twitter Lists in the NewsFlash Menu on the BowlsChat website with full details on how to follow a list or embed it on your blog or website.

YouTube Channel

The BowlsChat YouTube Channel shows the tutorial videos created by BowlsChat in the Tutorials Playlist and any member videos added to the Channel. The tutorials are also available in the Videos/BowlsChat Tutorials sub-menu on our website.

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