All tournaments are listed by season under the Club, Association or Organisation running the League, Competition or Event and can be found in the Tournaments Menu with sub-menus for a list of all Clubs, Players, Seasons and Teams with a filter for a list in any season.

Live ScoresSend an email to [email protected] to request Spectator access and update live scores on your mobile as you watch a match (you can also request a role as Season Administrator, Team Moderator or Reporter).

Quick Links - Active/Recent Tournaments‚Äč

Quick Links to all active and recent tournaments are shown below and will be updated as new tournaments are added or completed. All active and recent tournaments listed here will be available on the BowlsChat Sport App and BowlsChat Network.

Click between Standings or Calendar tab to see updates on on the sport app if no Team selected for push notifications.

Old tournaments are removed from the sport app but will always be available on the website under the relevant Club/Association/Organisation.

Use the link in the Tournament 'About Tab' for one click access to all Tournaments for a Club/Association/Organisation and view the latest Fixtures, Results and Tables for all Active Tournaments in one place in the Matches TodayFixtures and Results and Tables sub-menus.

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