WBT Just World Professional Indoor Championships 2019


There are 5 events in the Just 2018 World Indoor Professional Championships:

  • Open Singles
  • Open Pairs
  • Ladies Singles
  • Mixed Pairs
  • Under 25 Singles

Live Streaming

All matches on the portable rink are streamed live on YouTube and Facebook, starting from 2pm on Friday 11th January.

Where there are two matches in a morning or afternoon session please note that the second match start time is for guidance only, play will be continuous.

BBC Coverage

From Monday 21st January to Saturday 26th January the morning matches will be live on BBC Red Button and the afternoon sessions will be live on BBC2 Network Television from 1300.

A highlights of the day programme will also be shown later in the night on BBC2.

The Singles Final will be shown live on BBC2 from 2.30pm on Sunday 27th Janury.

Preliminary Matches

The preliminary rounds played in the Bowlers Bar are all over 2 sets of 7 ends and all ends must be played as these matches are played as a round robin.

The preliminary singles round is a single section with the winner going through to the last 32.

The pairs preliminary round is 2 sections with section winners of the pairs going through to a final for the remaining places in the International Arena.

The finals of the pairs (3 bowls) preliminary round will be 2 sets 9 ends with a 3 end tie break if required.

Main Event

ShotClock and Timeouts

The ShotClock is in operation for ALL singles matches in the event.

In all singles finals the sets will comprise of 2 sets of 11 ends, the players will be allowed an extra timeout (6 in the course of the match) and a further single timeout allocated if a 3 end tie break is required to conclude the match.

Bowls and Sets

All Open Pairs and Mixed Pairs matches will now be 3 bowls per player and pre-finals matches adjusted to be 2 sets of 7 ends with a 3 end tie break if required.

The Open Pairs and Mixed Pairs finals will be over 2 sets of 9 ends with a 3 end tie break if required .

Pairs matches are NOT played under the shotclock rules.

Singles (Prelim)
Pairs - Section A (Prelim)
Pairs - Section B (Prelim)
Pairs - England (Prelim SF)
Pairs - Finals (Prelim)