BIWIBC Championships 2019

The Championships are from Monday 11th March 2019 to Wednesday 13th March 2019

BIWIBC Secretary - Anne Easton

Telephone - (01307) 818328

Venue - Falcon Indoor Bowling Club, Channels Drive, Springfield, Chelmsford CM3 3FB

Telephone - 01245 443666

Email: [email protected]


Website - British Isles Women's Indoor Bowls Council

Listing - British Isles Women's Indoor Bowls Council

Data - All Rankings, Results and Tables

All matches are 18/21 ends or first to 21 shots.

The length of all games are as follows:

  • Singles = 21 Shots
  • Pairs/Fours = 21 Ends
  • Triples = 18 Ends

If a Pairs, Triples or Fours match is level after the designatied number of ends have been played, a tie end will decide the winner.