NIBA Leagues 2019

Division 1

Rank Teams PTS P W D L F A SD RP Current form WPCT
1 Bangor 114.5 18 18 0 0 1655 1093 562 60.5 WWWWW 1.000
2 Whitehead 105.5 18 16 0 2 1545 1061 484 57.5 WWWWW 0.889
3 Banbridge 81.5 18 12 0 6 1260 1132 128 45.5 WWWWL 0.667
4 Balmoral 65.5 18 9 0 9 1340 1171 169 38.5 WLLLW 0.500
5 Donaghadee 65 18 10 0 8 1419 1408 11 35 LWLWL 0.556
6 Dundonald 53.5 18 6 0 12 1262 1323 -61 35.5 LLLLL 0.333
7 Portadown 43 18 6 0 12 1298 1541 -243 25 WLLLW 0.333
8 Sydenham 39.5 18 5 0 13 1247 1588 -341 24.5 LLLLW 0.278
9 Lurgan 39 18 5 0 13 1236 1532 -296 24 LLWWL 0.278
10 Londonderry Park 23 18 3 0 15 1123 1536 -413 14 LLWLL 0.167

Division 2

Rank Teams PTS P W D L F A SD RP Current form WPCT
1 Lisnagarvey 92.5 18 14 1 3 1394 1125 269 49 WWWWW 0.806
2 Whitehead B 79 18 12 1 5 1433 1331 102 41.5 WLWWW 0.694
3 Carrickfergus 78 18 12 0 6 1411 1261 150 42 WWWWL 0.667
4 Markethill 76 18 11 1 6 1328 1314 14 41.5 WWWLW 0.639
5 Dungannon 66.5 18 9 1 8 1330 1284 46 38 LWLLW 0.528
6 Curran 58 18 8 2 8 1297 1330 -33 31 LLLLW 0.500
7 Bessbrook 49.5 18 7 0 11 1357 1406 -49 28.5 LWLLL 0.389
8 Banbridge B 47.5 18 6 0 12 1357 1437 -80 29.5 LWLWL 0.333
9 Divis 44.5 18 5 0 13 1147 1215 -68 29.5 LLLWL 0.278
10 Musgrave 31.5 18 3 0 15 1170 1521 -351 22.5 LLWLL 0.167

Division 3

Rank Teams PTS P W D L F A SD RP Current form WPCT
1 North Down 74 16 12 0 4 1304 1122 182 38 WLWWL 0.750
2 Castle 68 16 11 0 5 1248 1147 101 35 WLWWW 0.688
3 Rathfriland 66 16 10 0 6 1240 1167 73 36 LLWLW 0.625
4 Clarendon 59 16 8 0 8 1209 1178 31 35 WWLWW 0.500
5 Ormeau 58.5 16 8 0 8 1188 1189 -1 34.5 WLLLL 0.500
6 Annalong 56 16 7 0 9 991 1086 -95 35 LWWWL 0.438
7 BETS 49.5 16 7 0 9 1079 1038 41 28.5 WLWLW 0.438
8 Dromore 42 16 6 0 10 1155 1296 -141 24 WWLLL 0.375
9 Balmoral B 31 16 3 0 13 951 1142 -191 22 LWLLL 0.188

Division 4

Rank Teams PTS P W D L F A SD RP Current form WPCT
1 Ulster Maple Leaf 87 16 15 0 1 1371 1066 305 42 WWWWW 0.938
2 Newcastle 70 16 10 1 5 1329 1148 181 38.5 LWWWW 0.656
3 Holywood 63 16 8 0 8 1332 1190 142 39 LWLWL 0.500
4 Warrenpoint 56.5 16 8 1 7 1202 1228 -26 31 LWLWL 0.531
5 Finaghy 54 15 7 1 7 1205 1164 41 31.5 WWLLL 0.500
6 Gilnahirk 51.5 15 7 0 8 1191 1124 67 30.5 LWLLW 0.467
7 Donaghadee B 48 16 6 1 9 1190 1316 -126 28.5 LLWLW 0.406
8 Antrim Lawn 34 16 4 0 12 1080 1451 -371 22 LWLWL 0.250
9 Lisnagarvey B 33 16 4 0 12 1154 1367 -213 21 LLWLL 0.250

Division 5

Rank Teams PTS P W D L F A SD RP Current form WPCT
1 Cloughey 87 17 12 1 4 1168 936 232 49.5 WWWDW 0.735
2 Carrickfergus B 84.5 17 13 0 4 1420 1108 312 45.5 WWLWW 0.765
3 Lurgan B 77 17 12 0 5 1302 1102 200 41 WLWLW 0.706
4 Newry 75.5 17 12 0 5 1246 1198 48 39.5 WLWLW 0.706
5 Lagan Valley 72.5 17 10 0 7 1276 1114 162 42.5 WLLWL 0.588
6 McQuiston Memorial 63 17 10 0 7 1214 1229 -15 33 LWLWL 0.588
7 1st Ballymacarrett 61 17 8 0 9 1202 1112 90 37 WWWLL 0.471
8 Glengormley 60.5 17 9 0 8 1237 1175 62 33.5 LWWWW 0.529
9 Rathfriland B 51 17 8 0 9 1131 1195 -64 27 WLLWL 0.471
10 Queen's Island 50.5 16 8 0 8 987 1017 -30 29.5 WLWWW 0.500
11 Windsor 49 17 6 1 10 1242 1280 -38 29.5 LLWDL 0.382
12 Castleton 48.5 17 7 0 10 1081 1297 -216 27.5 LWLWL 0.412
13 Musgrave B 33.5 16 4 0 12 958 1152 -194 24.5 WLLWL 0.250
14 Curran B 32 17 4 0 13 923 1222 -299 23 LLLLL 0.235
15 58th Old Boys 26.5 16 2 0 14 983 1233 -250 20.5 LLLLW 0.125

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The season is from April to September 2019

League Secretary - Stephen Moran

Mobile - 07967 805752

Email - [email protected]

Website - Northern Ireland Bowling Association

Listing - Northern Ireland Bowling Association

NIBA League and General Competition Rules

League Rules

1. This Competition shall be called The Northern Ireland Bowling Association League, though a sponsor’s name may be included in this title at the discretion of the General Purposes Committee. The Competition shall consist of six elements to be known as League Divisions 1 to 6. Each Division will consist of 10 Sides, and these will play each other on a home and away basis each season.

2. The League shall be open for competition to all affiliated Clubs subject to the conditions outlined in Rule 5 of the Constitution. A Side shall consist of four Teams of four players.

3. Each season before the commencement of the games to be played on the third Saturday in May, all Clubs are required in writing, to furnish the Honorary League Secretary, a list of Member’s names who are entitled to play for that Club. Returned scorecards will be checked by an appointed member of the General Purposes Committee. New players joining any Club at any stage throughout the bowling season or after the said list of members names has been dispatched can do so provided; (a) the name(s) of the new player(s) are written or telephoned to the Honorary League Secretary before they play a game. (b) the appropriate capitation fee is forwarded to the Honorary Treasurer before the final League game. Any Side found to have included an ineligible player shall forfeit three (3) points for each relevant game.

4. (a)The Competition shall be played on a League basis with: Three (3) points for each winning Side and one point for each winning Team on either Side. In a drawn game, 1½ points will be awarded to each Side and one point for each winning Team on a Side. Where rinks finish level, each rink will be awarded ½ point. (b) A system of promotion and relegation shall apply throughout the League. At the end of each season, the top two Sides in each of Divisions 2 to 6 shall be promoted, subject to Rule 4(c) and 4(d), to the next higher Division and the bottom two Sides in Divisions 1 to 5 shall be relegated to the next lower Division. The Honorary League Secretary, with the approval of the General Purposes Committee, may adjust this system in exceptional circumstances to maintain the integrity of the Competition. (c) A Side may decline promotion and in such circumstances the next highest placed Side becomes eligible for promotion. (d)(i.) A Side is not eligible for promotion to a Division in which another Side from the same Club is competing. (ii.) If a Side is demoted as in 4(b) and a second Side from that same Club is already in the relevant Division (other than Division 6) that second Side must be relegated to the next lower Division. An additional Side from that lower Division may be promoted to fill the resultant vacancy. (e) If two or more Sides finish with equal points, their relative positions shall be decided by shot average, the total number of shots scored divided by the total conceded. If this does not separate the Sides concerned, test matches on neutral green shall be arranged by the Honorary League Secretary, if required to decide promotion and/or relegation. (f) The winner of Division 1 will be awarded The Taylor Cup; the winner of Division 2 will be awarded The ISN Cup; the winner of Division 3 will be awarded The MacNiece Cup; the winner of Division 4 will be awarded The McAteer Cup; the winner of Division 5 will be awarded The Belfast Telegraph Cup; the winner of Division 6 will be awarded the Gullery Cup. Winner and Runners-up in each Division will be awarded 16 medallions. Clubs on making written application are permitted to purchase up to an additional 9 medallions for winners and runners-up, making a maximum of 25 in each year.

5. Matches shall normally be played over 21 ends but fewer ends may be played subject to a minimum of 18 ends provided both Sides agree prior to the commencement of a match. For results purposes, all matches will be deemed to have been over 21 ends.

6. League fixtures shall be arranged not later than 31st January each year. Unless League games are brought forward by mutual agreement of the two Clubs concerned or postponed in accordance with General Competition Rule 14, they must be played on the dates, times and venues specified.

7. Each Club which has two Sides competing in the Competition must, when submitting their list of players under Rule 3, register 8 of those players who shall only be eligible to play for the Side in the higher Division. Any player who has played at Senior International or Senior Inter-Association level in the current or any of the previous two seasons must be included in the list of registered players. During the playing season the Competitions Committee may examine the lists of registered players returned by Clubs and if they consider any player to be unacceptable shall require his Club to register another player in his place. Clubs wishing to alter their list of registered players must notify the Honorary League Secretary in writing. Alterations to the list shall only apply when approved by the Honorary League Secretary. When it is proved that a Side has played an ineligible player in the lower Division, such Side shall forfeit the game and the full seven points shall be awarded to their opponents, the shots scored in any such match to be disallowed except when the defaulting Side was defeated. In addition, a further three penalty points will be deducted from the defaulting Side.

8. In the event of a Side scratching a match, 48 hours notice must be given to the opposing Club Secretary and the Honorary League Secretary before the date on which the match should be played. The opponents will be awarded seven (7) points and the defaulting Side shall have three (3) penalty points deducted. If due notice is not given, the defaulting Side shall also be liable to pay 50% of any catering and/or travelling costs incurred. If the date on which the match should have been played is after 1st August the deduction of penalty points may, at the discretion of the Competitions Committee, be applied at the start of the following season, rather than the season in which the default occurred. Sides scratching three or more matches shall be suspended for the remainder of the season and shall be required to apply for re-admission to the League for the following season. All matches already played by the offending Side, or a Side withdrawing from the League, shall be deemed null and void.

9. Under no circumstances will matches be rearranged for playing on dates which have been declared as ‘closed dates’ in any season. Such matches, if found to have been so played shall be declared void and three (3) penalty points will be deducted from each participating team.

10. General Competition Rules shall apply, except 3, 4 and 5.

11. The entrance fee per Side shall be agreed annually at the Annual General Meeting.

General Competition Rules

1. NIBA Competitions are open to all male bona fide members of affiliated Clubs, and a player can represent only one Club in the Association’s Leagues, Cups and Championships in any one year. A player playing for more than one Club will be disqualified for the remainder of the season, except by permission of the Competitions Committee.

2. Players who in the current season take part in even one competitive match or tie in any other League or Association affiliated to the Irish Bowling Association or play for any other Club in the IBA Senior, Intermediate or Junior Challenge Cups shall not be eligible to play in competitive matches or ties under the jurisdiction of the NIBA for the remainder of the current season, except by permission of the Competitions Committee.

3. Any number of entries in the Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours and Senior Fours Championships may be accepted for each Club, and Club Secretaries must forward the names of the entrants in each competition to the Honorary Competitions Secretary along with the entrance fees, to reach him not later than the last Monday in April. The Honorary Competitions Secretary with the Competitions Committee shall thereupon prepare, organise and carry into effect the Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours and Senior Fours programmes. Entrants in all the Association’s Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours and Senior Fours Championships automatically enter for and, if they qualify, can take part in the corresponding National Championships held annually by the Irish Bowling Association.

4. All draws shall be by ballot, the first drawn in the various rounds shall be considered as being the home team. All Semi-finals and Finals shall be played on green and upon dates as decided by the Competitions Secretary or League Secretary.

5. Competitors in the Association’s Championships must accept the arrangements made for the playing of the various ties unless exceptional circumstances are proved, in which the Association’s Competitions Secretary must be notified in writing at least 48 hours, Saturday and Sunday excepted, before the time fixed for commencing such tie or ties, in order that he may make further arrangements for the completion of the same. Failure to co-operate with the Competitions Secretary in his efforts to expedite the playing of the ties may result in defaulting competitors being scratched from the Championships. In the event of ties being delayed through inclement weather, a definite arrangement must be made between the competitors concerned for the completion of the same within three (3) days, Saturday and Sunday excepted, from the date originally fixed by the Competitions Secretary. Players involved in Championship ties who fail to turn up without notifying their opponents will be disqualified from entering or playing in all Championship ties during the following season. It will be the responsibility of Clubs of which such players are members to ensure that no entries for the NIBA Championship are made on their behalf.

6. In the event of a Senior Side being unable to field a Side in a Senior Cup Competition match, the fixture must be fulfilled by the Side drawing on the remaining qualified Club members, even at the expense of the Junior Side having to withdraw from the Junior Cup.

7. Bowls identification discs shall be used in all competitions. Competitors may use either registered Club discs or red and blue as applied on a home and away basis, i.e. red for the home team and blue for the away team, subject to the following: Where the discs of the visiting team are in conflict with those of the home team, such as to cause confusion in identification of bowls by spectators, players or officials, the visitors shall be required to change to discs of another colour or to remove the offending discs completely. For Semi-finals and Finals, the choice of discs shall be at the discretion of the League or Competitions Secretary.

8. Sides taking part in any Cup or League match, together with semi-finalists and finalists in the NIBA Championships, must wear white or Club coloured shirts (with collars) provided that such colours and designs have been approved by the GP Committee and must wear white trousers or white tailored shorts, white socks and if worn, a white pullover or cardigan and a white belt. Jackets, headgear and raingear must be white or the same as previously approved Club colours. This dress code applies to preliminary ties in the NIBA Championships except that trousers may be grey. Footwear conforming to Appendix A2 of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls must be worn at all times on the green.

9. Any player who plays or practices on any part of the green shall be ineligible to play in any competitive match or tie on that green later the same day, with the exception of the Semi-finals and Finals of the Associations Championships and Veterans Championships.

10. Time of Commencing The time for commencing a match or tie shall be not later than 2pm on Saturday afternoons, 5:30pm on Saturday evenings and 6:30pm (or an earlier hour, the League and Competitions Secretaries to fix times, if and when necessary) on week nights and must be adhered to within a limit of fifteen minutes, otherwise the match or tie may be claimed by the competitors ready to commence play.

11. Umpires If considered necessary by the Association, umpires may be appointed for matches or ties. It shall be their duty to settle disputes in accordance with Rule 3 of the Constitution and Rules that may arise between the competitors and in the case of inclement weather, to decide whether the green at the time is in good condition for play, their decision to be final.

12. Match or Tie Results The result of each League and Cup match must be forwarded by the Secretary of the winning Club, except in the event of a drawn or postponed game, in which case the secretaries of both Clubs must return cards, as follows: (a) League and Cup games to be received by the Honorary League Secretary within three (3) days, Saturday and Sunday excepted, of the date the match was played or was due to be played, the defaulting Club may lose the points. (b) All Championship results must be received by the Honorary Competitions Secretary by telephone on the evening of the tie, otherwise the defaulting competitors will forfeit the tie.

13. Protests (a) Protests in regard to League matches may be made to the Honorary League Secretary at any time during the playing season. (b) Protests in regard to all Championship ties must be made to the Honorary Competitions Secretary within three (3) days, Saturday and Sunday excepted, from the time they said tie was or should have been played. (c) Protests in regard to Cup matches must be made to the Honorary League Secretary within three (3) days, Saturday and Sunday excepted, from the time they said match was or should have been played. (d) All protests must be made in writing.

14. Postponements Matches may be postponed under the following circumstances: (a) When one or both teams are engaged in the IBA Senior, Intermediate or Junior Cups. In the event of either teams being engaged in an IBA Cup Final the relevant Club(s) may postpone League matches for any of its teams due to be played on that day; or (b) When the green used by the home team is being used by the Association; or (c) When either team has one or more player and/or official engaged in an Inter-Association or International series on the date the match was to be played; or (d) When either team has one or more player and/or official engaged in the playing of the National Championships or the Semi-finals and Finals of the Association’s Championships. In (c) or (d) above, an official is defined as IBA President, NIBA President, NIBA Honorary General Secretary, NIBA Honorary Treasurer, NIBA Competitions Secretary ((d) only), IBA and/or NIBA Selector ((c) only), or an officially appointed Umpire. An official who has retired from playing or who does not normally play on a Club’s team cannot be used to postpone a game under this clause. The Club desiring the postponement will inform the Honorary League Secretary and the opposing Club, giving at least 48 hours notice. The game must be played on the following Tuesday, or such alternative Tuesday determined by the Honorary League Secretary. The Match Secretary or Honorary Secretary of the home Club must confirm these arrangements with their opponents. The date now becomes the original date and cannot be further postponed except in accordance with this rule. (e) In the event of a League match being postponed by inclement weather, arrangements must be made to play the on the following Tuesday, or such alternative Tuesday determined by the Honorary league Secretary. If this date clashes with an NIBA Championship date, and a player from either team is involved or the green of the home team is being used for Championship ties, the home club must give the opponents two dates, one of which must be accepted, and the Honorary league Secretary informed in writing. Such date must not be beyond the last Saturday for which league fixtures for the relevant Division are scheduled unless by previous permission of the Honorary League Secretary. For Championships, Ties or Cup matches a definite arrangement between the Players/Clubs for the completion of the same must be made to allow the next round to go ahead as planned. The Honorary League/Competitions Secretary to be advised of the arrangements. The Honorary League/Competitions Secretary in consultation with the Clubs/Players shall resolve any difficulties which are not covered already in this rule.

15. Home teams shall be responsible for the payment of match fees for all Clubs outside the jurisdiction of the home Club’s local authority.

16. Before each League and Cup game, the responsible member for each Club should, after entering the names of his side's players, place his scorecards face down on the table. His counterpart should then write a rink number on each of the cards, while still face down. These cards should then be paired according to the rink numbers and the names of the competing players completed on each card.