Bowls England - Walker Cup 2019

Preliminary Round to Final

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The Competition is from May to August 2019

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Prelim to be played by 26th May

Round 1 to be played by 23rd June

Round 2 (Regional Final) to be played by 14th July

Quarter Finals (Regional Final) to be played by 14th July

Semi Finals to be played by 18th August

Final to be played by 18th August

Bowls England Rules for the Walker Cup

1. This competition shall be open to all County Associations who are Members of Bowls England.

2. All Counties will be assumed to have entered unless they otherwise notify Bowls England before the completion of the previous year’s competition.

3. Every County shall be represented by a side consisting of two rinks of four players, all of whom shall be members of an affiliated club to their County Association. No player shall play for more than one County in any one year.

4. Bowls England shall set dates for all rounds. The draw for the competition including the Regional Final and Semi-Final shall be made by Bowls England.

5. Failure to field eight players will result in a walk-over.

6. The preliminary round and first round will be played by mutual arrangement on the designated dates. The competition will be played on a knockout basis, with the early rounds in geographical areas. Each rink of a side shall play 21 ends, two bowls each player. The County Secretary or Challenging side will make all match arrangements. Matches will start at 1.30pm unless mutually agreed. Arrangements for cost of refreshments and other incidental expenses shall be a domestic matter.

7. The match will consist of 21 ends. Before the start of the match, the nominated managers will toss a coin for choice of jack (first end), the winner having the choice of keeping or giving the jack away. Then toss a coin to nominate which rink will play the extra end. The winner to nominate the name of the skip to play the extra end should one be required. This must be declared prior to the match commencing. A further toss of a coin for choice of jack (extra end) should one be required. The winner has the option to make the choice immediately after the 21st end has been played. The number of shots on both rinks will determine the result. In the event of a tie after 21 ends then an extra end will be played by the nominated rink to determine the overall winner.

8. Inclement weather See Appendix J

9. Counties must inform the Regional Selector of time and venue of preliminary/first round matches. Counties will provide bowls stickers for the preliminary round and first round unless provided by the sponsor.

10. Result of Match The result will be submitted to Bowls England immediately using one of the approved notification methods.

11. Final Stages

11.1 The final stages consisting of the Regional Finals, Semi-Finals and the Final shall be played on a knockout basis at a time, date and venue set by Bowls England. Bowls England shall make the draw for the Regional Finals, Semi-Finals and Final.

11.2 Each County qualifying for the Semi-Final stage will supply to Bowls England the names of two rinks and two reserves no later than the Monday of Week 30. The Semi-Final and Final shall be played during the National Championships. A maximum of 10 National Competition badges will be presented to players involved at the National Championships.

11.3 Bowls England will provide bowls stickers for the Semi-Finals and Final of this event.

11.4 The Winner and Runner-Up respectively shall receive a maximum of 10 Winners medals presented at the Annual Dinner.