The Sports Management Package for Leagues, Competitions and Events (Tournaments) in Outdoor, Indoor and Short Mat Bowls is integrated with the BowlsChat Sport App and has a Live Scores and Results Channel on the BowlsChat Network.

The package is suitable for Local, National and International Clubs/Associations/Organisation running one or more tournaments for any number of seasons.

Live Scores - Send an email to [email protected] to request Spectator access and update live scores on your mobile as you watch a match (you can also request a role as Season Administrator, Team Moderator or Reporter).

Sport Management Package

There are five tournament activity menus/sub-menus in the Sports Management Package:

All other menus in the sport area of the website (Entry Forms, Features, Plans, Posters, Publicity, Strategy, World Rankings) provide information about the Sports Management Package and bowls around the world.

The Features Menu has sub-menus on how to use the Sports Management Package with detailed guides for Administration, Fixtures and Structure, Live Scorecards, Live Scores, Match Reports, Player Registration, Roles and Permissions, Social Media, Tables and Stats and Venues.

*The Archive Section will be removed when everything is transferred to the Sports Management Package.

Summary information for each section is below with links in the headings or go direct to the relevant menu from the links above for more details.

Quick Links to all active and recent tournaments are shown in the Active Menu and will be updated as new tournaments are added or completed. All tournaments listed in the Active Menu will be available on the BowlsChat Sport App.

Old tournaments are removed from the app but will always be available on the website under the relevant Club/Association/Organisation. 

The fixtures for today for all Active Tournaments are listed in the Matches Today Menu with easy access on all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile) and links to the matches and teams.

The Fixtures and Results for all Active Tournaments (previous 6 days, today and next 6 days) are listed in the Fixtures and Results Menu with easy access on all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile) and links to the matches and teams.

Summary League Tables (Teams, Played, Points) for all Active Tournaments are listed in the Tables Menu with easy access on all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile) and links to the full tables and teams.

If you play Indoor, Outdoor or Short Mat bowls, the BowlsChat Sport App will provide you with access to all the information you need to keep up to date with leagues, competitions and events in the Sport section of our website, including live scores, fixtures, results, tables and player information for the current and previous seasons.

You may select one or more teams to receive notification on your mobile of any updates and change the selection at any time.

Membership of the BowlsChat website is NOT required to download and use the app and you may also download the app from the Apps Menu. 

The BowlsChat Network is a communication tool for Bowlers, Teams, Clubs and Associations with a wide range of options and the free entry point is the BowlsChat Organisation in the Zoho Cliq app, allowing bowlers to connect with each other by text, audio or video from anywhere in the world on any device (mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop).

All you need to join is an email address and password (phone number is optional and membership of the BowlsChat website is not required).

If you wish to view and/or update any content on the BowlsChat website, access is available without leaving the app and you may also download the app from the Apps Menu.

If you have an entry form for a tournament but not an online version, include it in the Community Events section or send it to us at [email protected] and we will add it to the Entry Forms Menu to allow entrants to print and post or download and email details to you. The tournament does NOT need to be in one of our plans, we will add an entry form sent to us for any tournament.

The key features in the Sports Management Package are listed in the Features Menu with links in the Section Titles to the relevant menu for more detailed information:

Sign up for any Tournament Plan to access all our sport options and receive additional benefits, including store discounts equal to the cost of the plan, special offers, community points and more.

All Bowling Clubs, Associations and Organisations may run League and/or Cup Tournaments through the Administrationsub-menu (visible when logged in) with content available on the website as well as the BowlsChat Sport app.

You may set up details about your Tournament in the Community Events Menu and receive entry fees online direct to your PayPal account (we do not charge for this service - PayPal fees only - and players/teams do not need to be members of BowlsChat to pay entry fees).

A player, players or Teams may enter a tournament using the Buy Button on an event and multiple competitions in a tournament (for example singles, pairs, triples and fours) may be purchased at the same time and paid as one fee. 

There are different A4 Posters for the BowlsChat Website and Mobile Apps, tailored for different regions and type of game (Indoor, Outdoor or Short Mat).

The Posters may be printed or downloaded from the Posters Menu and placed on noticeboards or any other suitable location, shared on social media or sent to members of any Club, Association or Organisation.

BowlsChat runs an Outdoor and Indoor Fantasy League each year in the Predictions Menu with the following Prizes:


Winner = 50% Discount Coupon for Store
2nd Place = 30% Discount Coupon for Store
3rd Place = 20% Discount Coupon for Store

Discount Coupons will be valid until 31st December after the end of the Prediction League for any product in the BowlsChat Store (including custom designs).

All the core services on the BowlsChat website are available for members, so use them to promote your league, competition or event and share on social media.

All website content may be accessed by members and viewed by visitors and members anywhere from any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile) and the BowlsChat Sport app and Chat app on the BowlsChat Network may also be used to reach a wider audience.

The Strategic Plans for National and International Bowling Associations are available in the Strategy Menu and may be printed and/or downloaded (note - we do not include any content in this area that is not available to the public online). 

All tournaments are listed by season under the Club, Association or Organisation running the League, Competition or Event and can be found in the Tournaments Menu with sub-menus for a list of all Clubs, Players, Seasons and Teams with a filter for a list in any season.

All tournaments are controlled by Season Administrators and Team Moderators appointed by the Club, Association or Organisation and information is entered through a user friendly process via the Administration Menu or Match Live Tab (only visible when an authorised person is logged into BowlsChat). The venue, club, team and player details only need to be set up once and will show the relevant information for each season. 

The Archive Menu contains information from Tournaments in the old system and will be removed when they are transferred to the Sports Management Package. 


We believe the Sports Management Package will be a major benefit for bowlers and significantly increase awareness of the sport through online interaction and promotion of tournaments on social media, leading to growth in membership for Clubs and Associations.

A 90% reduction in administration time for league/competition secretaries is expected, with no multiple phone calls/texts or emails for scores or results, no spreadsheets required and online control of everything, including player registration and automatic updates to league tables from live results added by any authorised person at a match from any device, including mobile.

The BowlsChat Sport and Team Chat apps provide many more options for increasing awareness and developing the sport, with Reporters at matches entering live scores and results as well as any video content.

If each Reporter at a game enters the final rink and/or total scores for their match in a League, the table will be updated immediately and the final version for the day will be available for sharing on social media by all website visitors and mobile app users as soon as all scores are entered (in an ideal scenario, a few minutes after the last game has finished).